Speranza is an artistic expression conceived with the intention of drawing emotions.

Its name comes from Esperanza (in Spanish) or Speranza (in Italian), hope in English, a quality of believing that a positive change in your environment is possible and having the courage to work to achieve it.

Personally I love this concept since during the previous year I suffered from discouragement and recurring sadness caused by the fact that I felt that I had made bad decisions and had wasted my time, I missed many opportunities.

It took me a lot to get out of the hole that I had dug myself, I felt that I was not capable of modifying my environment and I was more and more submerged in guilt.

Despite this, I never stopped creating, but I felt that I was not good enough to make my art generate transcendence.

Like every end of the year, one sets goals and once again dreams big, thinking about materializing changes and improving as a person, thanks to this the beginning of 2023 was very positive for me, I discovered that changing my way of thinking would inevitably change my environment, the key was always to believe in myself and with God's help everything would be possible.

From this, Speranza was born, as a way of conceptualizing feelings and being able to transmit them.

I remember sitting at the PC and starting to work without having anything in mind, after several hours of work I conceptualized several sketches and began to shape Speranza, I didn't know what I was looking for until I found it.

The central axis of Speranza is defined by colors and contrasts.

During my last years of work I found myself totally in love with the Combination of colors of all kinds, especially those that I created after hours of work and experimentation.

This can be seen in Perseverance where colors are essential to bring the collection to life, in Speranza they seek to better balance colors and create unprecedented combinations using dozens of color palettes, trying to convey emotions instead of reactions.

Once the necessary color effects were achieved I started working on refining the algorithm and adding diversity in the outputs, this is very difficult as when you get a big sketch trying to tweak it and get something technically and visually similar doesn't always work.

Sharing sketches on Twitter and exchanging opinions with my followers, I managed to generate a secondary variation at the level of the first without sacrificing the concept, the primary variation will be called Fronte and the secondary Lato, the names are linked to the orientation of the planes at the ends of the circumferences of the lines, When you see the collection you will realize that this variation is very simple to identify.

Another concept that I have applied is that of texturing, you will be able to observe pieces that have the texture of a canvas and you will feel that you can caress the screen, this accompanied by selected colors arouses emotions of all kinds, there will also be pieces without texture that I find very attractive and soft in the digital representations, these variations as well as the type of primary and secondary algorithm will be detailed in the classification.

Achieving technical and visual diversity for a collection of 990 pieces was quite a challenge and required a lot of work, I have given my best both technically and emotionally and no matter what happens on February 9 I feel satisfied with the work I did, thank you all for joining me, there are still many aspects of Speranza to discover that will be revealed at launch, I hope to see them soon.