Giorgio Balbi

Graphic and generative artist

Giorgio Balbi is an Argentine generative artist with Italian roots, his work is based on representing exact and inaccurate artistic expressions through programming to achieve works of art, using coding techniques and technical drawing.

His interest in engineering and technical mechanics was reflected since he was a child, when he disassembled toys and repaired his friends' toys, already in his teens he decided to study electromechanics, and once he graduated as an electromechanical technician, he deepened his studies focusing on industrial engineering, where he flirted with industrial design to later discover generative art.

His greatest influence is "Eduardo Mac Entyre" called by many the father of generative art, he was an industrial designer who later became an innovative artist with geometric and generative art.

In his early days, his works were very geometric and exact, they were created by interacting with mathematical notions, then he began to interact with the artistic field, involving various resources resulting in varied works of art.

He currently resides in the city of Rosario Argentina and runs a small industrial maintenance company.

His dream is to become a full-time artist.