L'arte generativa di Giorgio


L'arte generativa di Giorgio

It is a compilation of personal work done during my last 4 years.

The creations exhibited here are diverse, they do not respond to a particular artistic style, most of them arose through tests and hours of work, here my beginnings and my first creations using code are reflected, delving into generative art.

Below you can see some of my creations exhibited in this collection.

Gradient color map

Girasole colorato

Pioggia geometrica


Concentric Reproduction

Interaction repelled

Stains and moisture

Most of these creations do not have high resolution, at the time I did not think about the remote possibility that one day I could tokenize my work and auction it on the internet.

At that time I was not working with Processing or p5.Js, these creations were made with the Context Free Art software, a dynamic program recommended for people who want to start with generative art.