#Patience Public minting is now live! 

Learned lessons.

Patience is a generative art project that arises from the need to apply all the knowledge learned with "Perseverance"

The community was very generous to me at the launch of "Perseverance", recommending things that I had not thought about, or were overlooked, for the simple fact that this is something new for me.

Some of them were:

*Have high resolution copies of the works that make up the collection so that each holder has the possibility of printing and framing their work of art, taking advantage of every detail.

*Work to make property rankings more productive, for example including color palettes, textured pieces, and more.

In this way, each owner can better identify his work of art and can also use it to create based on it.

*I also learned about the importance of sharing the creative process at the right time, so that interested people can discover how everything started and how the final results were reached.

Let us begin


"Patience" retains the vertical canvas format that characterized "Perseverance", but here there will be no different dimensions, the standard dimension will be 6400x8232Px, this will open the doors to infinite possibilities of both digital and physical use of each piece.

Color palette:

Each work of art will have in its classification the color palette used, in this case the color palettes are totally new, they do not share patterns with previous works.

There will be more than 300 different variations in terms of the color palettes used.

The algorithm:

The general algorithm has been refined until obtaining two models that were satisfactory to me, the model of imperfect circumferences that we will see next and the scaled depth model that we will also see later.

It is a very versatile algorithm, which is capable of producing sub-variations in the most marked types of output, thus creating totally different outputs from one another, exploring the limits of each rule that governs it.


Lately I see two extremely interesting concepts in generative art, on the one hand the purely technical creations, where geometry and mathematics are linked to create art in an incredible way, on the other hand, I could observe a more artistic generative art model, where Blemishes predominate on canvases.

Based on this, I set out to try to create an algorithm that links perfection and imperfection, technique and craftsmanship, geometry and inaccuracy, vivid colors and monochrome. Thus was born "Patience", a versatile algorithm that stands out visually for its inexact but contained appearance, where exact patterns do not exist but limits are respected.

Contrary to what is expected of a technical artist with mathematical notions guiding his creations, Patience unleashes hundreds of colors, imperfections, imperfect geometry and inexact variations, seeking to be the bridge between conventional art and generative art, exploring the limits of both worlds.

The reason for the name "Patience"

Have you ever felt like you made a bad decision by rushing? Did feelings play against you? Did you let yourself be carried away by uncertainty and fear?

You just felt that you missed opportunities, that you have to start over, and you wonder what would have happened, if you hadn't rushed, if you had been patient?  

Yes, it is easy to say it, but you have to be, at that moment, where a mixture of emotions and fears result in making bad decisions. But not everything is negative here, even if you feel like you lost, I wouldn't say the same. 

Thanks to those decisions that you regret, you gained life experience, not everything is over, now you are more mature to face problems, and you can face them from another point of view. 

Patience to me means learning, trying again and being patient this time, not letting my feelings get the better of me, having clear goals and persevering with my initial ideas. 

Being clear about the importance of patience in our lives is very important even if we do not see it. Through my collection I want to be able to transmit these thoughts, and that each one of you remembers it when looking at each piece that makes up the collection. 


Each piece will be classified with the following properties:

Margin, property that determines the edge or negative margin of each piece.

Stroke, property that determines the width of the stroke of each piece.

Type, this property classifies the type of part among the existing ones.

Color palette, this property indicates which color palette is used in the piece.

Texture, property that determines whether or not the piece has texture.

Selected designs

After hundreds of tests, I was satisfied with two algorithm models for "Patience".

the first model is visually highlighted by a dissonance, since it has imperfect circumferences that are technically related to each other, but do not respond to merely linear patterns, resulting in a contentious disorder.

The second model responds to a dynamic algorithm, which generates composite visual attraction, where an imperfect geometry full of parallels predominates, where the colors and the background add visual depth.

The most striking of generative art, the unpredictable outputs.

Although these two main models are the ones that govern the collection, there are sub-variations that result in incredible creations, let's save those for the launch.

Sketch gallery

I will share with you a brief gallery of sketches so that you can observe the types of variations, keep in mind that these sketches represent less than 2 percent of variations that will be found in Patience.

You can become part of our community on Discord.

Remember that English is not my native language, if you find any errors do not hesitate to communicate it, thanks.